I have a confession to make. Before today, I couldn’t begin to tell you the average cost of a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread or a carton of eggs. I’d pretty much be the worst ‘Price is Right’ contestant ever. I’ve been grocery shopping all of my adult life but I never took the time to really look at what I was buying. I’d just blindly go through the grocery aisles putting the necessary items in my cart and then I had the audacity to act shocked and shaken when the bill was twice what I had budgeted for. Those crooks at the grocery store are trying to rob me! (I’m very good at feigning righteous indignation…it’s one of my many talents.)

Well, today I will put an end to this careless way of shopping. I place my hand over my heart, hold my coupon clipping scissors toward Heaven and vow to become a bargain shopper. (nope, no lightning yet…whew!)

My first step in creating this new ‘frugal me’ will be to carefully pour through my old cooking magazines, favorite foodie blogs and  the good old Betty Crocker cook book to find some new and exciting recipes. My wonderful neighbor, Frances, was kind enough to buy me a new book by Michael Pollan entitled Food Rules, an Eater’s Manual. (Thanks again Frances!!!) The goal is to come up with a menu (breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner) for one whole week. I will then scour the grocery store flyers to find who is having the best deals on what I need. My average weekly grocery bill is between $150 and $200. (Hey, we like to eat….don’t judge!) My goal is to cut that bill down to $100 each week. GULP!

My usual grocery day is Wednesday. Bean is in school so I don’t have to worry about things like caving in when he spends 20 minutes begging for a box of Reeses Puffs Cereal (true story… 20 MINUTES!). I won’t have to rush through the aisles mindlessly dumping in food while trying to avoid the inevitable whine of “are we done YET, Mommy????”   Again, I digress (I’m good at digressing! Another one of my many talents.). Since I do my shopping on Wednesday, this gives me two evenings to do my planning and researching.

So, does this sound easy to you? Did I neglect to mention that  Bean and Hubby are two of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing? Hubby will try things but Bean will turn up his nose at anything new as if I’m trying to poison him. He will literally gag and hurl if he puts something in his mouth that he doesn’t like (again … true story! Sweet potatoes will never be placed on his plate again because of this reaction, I assure you). Our rule is that he must try at least a bite of everything on his plate. This doesn’t usually go over very well, but…you have to stick to your guns, right? Peanut doesn’t eat solid food yet. I’ve still got plenty of time to worry about trying to appease another picky person.

As for tonight’s culinary delights: residents of the Land of Liz will be dining on  pasta with a tomato Gorgonzola sauce and garlic bread.  I will post the recipe if it turns out as good as it sounds! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Well I admire Liz staying home to care for her little legumes. You get zero days off when you’re farming a family. My days off are for ignoring housework and play. Lemme know whenever you want to comeover and challenge me to some Wii time or Tii time or Wiine time

  2. I LOVE Micheal Pollan!! He has a great selection of book. Let me know how you do tomorrow with your shopping. I have the same problem (spending between 150-200/week) and I clip coupons. would love to know how it goes for you

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