Liz -vs- Grocery Store

I woke up this morning prepared for battle. This was the big day. Two evenings of foodie prep-work being put to the test!  After eating a warrior’s breakfast of leftover orange chicken piccata (recipe in tomorrow’s post) I headed off to Bottom Dollar looking for a fight.

I’d only been in our Bottom Dollar one other time so I wasn’t entirely familiar with the layout of the store. I generally try to break my grocery lists into different categories (produce, dairy, canned goods etc…).  I was already at a disadvantage. My checkbook was trembling but I put on a brave face and moved forward.  

Bottom dollar really wasn’t as bad as I had remembered. It was clean, well stocked and the people working there were pretty friendly and helpful. Best of all… it was not crowded! I went through the aisles checking items off of my grocery list with gusto.  I stuck to my list  and kept away from the snack aisle (my personal weakness). As I went along, I wrote down the price of each item so I could use it for future reference.  $4.22 for an entire fryer chicken. $0.16 for a lime. $0.88 for a pound of carrots. It forced me to really watch what I was picking up.  I bought a lot of store brand items but, for the most part, I didn’t compromise my quality standards. I like cheap…I do not like junk!

As I put my last item in the cart I took a deep breath and prayed that I hadn’t gone over my budget. I didn’t have to buy formula on this trip so I knew that saved me at least $25.00 but I was nervous about some of the more expensive items. I had been writing down the cost of each item as I shopped but, I never did a running total. (Math was never my strong point!).  I walked up to the checkout counter and loaded up the conveyor belt. With each scanned item I grew more and more anxious. Finally, after loading up my groceries into a few boxes, the checker presented me with the grand total.

…Drum Roll…


I swear, I almost spiked a rotisserie chicken and did a victory dance in the checkout line. I’ve considered framing my receipt.

As an added bonus…Bean used the boxes as an imaginary race car. It entertained him for a solid hour.

This was a good day in the Land of Liz. I’m off to reward myself with a hot cup of tea and a night of watching mindless television. I deserve it. 🙂


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