The Results Are In….

Drum roll….

Ok, first let me say THANK YOU SO MUCH to the friends who voted in the poll.  Your feedback really does mean the world to me. When I’m rich and famous I’ll reward you all handsomely. In the meantime…please accept a great big bear hug from me the next time I see you. Times are tough…it’s all I have to offer.

The results are in and it seems that most of you are looking for ways to save money. You mean I’m not the only broke one around here? Starting in January I will dedicate a post every Friday with money-saving tips and budget boosters. Please feel free to write in your own tips in the comment section. There’s a whole lot of Fridays in the calendar year….I may need some help.  

BONUS: Just because I love you all so much I will also include the two runners-up: Movie Mondays and Around the World in 80 Bites. These, however, will be monthly features. Whew, I’m gonna be a busy girl!

Another big bloggy change will be the addition of pictures to my posts. I’m going to try very hard to post pictures along with the recipes. I warn you, I’m a lousy photographer and I have a very messy kitchen. Don’t judge!

Ok…I’ve got some work ahead of me. I’m going to curl up with a nice glass of Cabernet and think this over. Good night friends! 🙂


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