Mom Buscema’s Fried Chicken with Honey-Pecan Glaze

Hurry up…make this before you start that New Years diet plan. This recipe has enough butter and fat to make Paula Dean cringe. That’s what makes it oooooh so good right?

My awesome mother in law made this for us a few years ago & it’s been a favorite ever since.  Yes, I said ‘awesome mother in law’. It wasn’t a type-o. I’m one of those lucky few who really gets along with all her in-laws. Jealous?

The original recipe calls for 3 lbs. frying chicken parts. I only have chicken breasts on hand so, that’s what you’ll be seeing. Here’s the cast of characters:

The ingredients (oops, I forgot to put the garlic powder in the picture)

2 lbs chicken breasts

2 eggs

salt, pepper & garlic powder

self rising flour

vegetable shortening or oil (I’m using oil)

1 cup butter (help me lord!)

1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup chopped pecans

Wash and drain chicken. Beat eggs in a large dish. Place chicken pieces in dish, sprinkle with salt, pepper and garlic powder, then turn over and season the other side. Heat shortening in a cast-iron or electric skillet so that it comes halfway up the sides of chicken, to 375. Place flour in a paper bag, shake chicken in bag to coat well and place in hot fat.

Fry baby fry!!!

 Cover, leaving a crack for steam to escape. Lower heat to 325 and cook 10 minutes. Turn chicken with tongs, cover again and cook 10 minutes longer. Large pieces should be cooked a little longer on both sides. Drain on paper towels.

Colonel Sanders ain't got nothin on me!

Melt 1 cup butter over low heat. whisk in 1/2 cup honey until well blended. Bring to a simmer and add chopped pecans. Simmer for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Woah Mama! Buttery goodness!

 Ladle over hot fried chicken.


I apologize for the lousy photography! So, what do you think? Should I continue with the pictures? Maybe next Christmas Santa will bring me one of those fancy SLR cameras.

Ok, get those last-minute calories in before the ball drops! Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2011 brings you great joy, great food and great happiness!


5 thoughts on “Mom Buscema’s Fried Chicken with Honey-Pecan Glaze

  1. I say keep the photo’s!
    I want to know how you took the last one; two hands cooking and camera in your toes?
    Happy a happy and blest 2011!!

  2. pictures are good and so are the captions underneath. You can veer off the subject with something funny without taking away from the actual post. Loved the chicken will have to try it!!

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