My first Frugal Friday post! Are you as excited as I am? Probably not but here goes anyway….

This is a very simple tip but it’s one that just occurred to me this past week. See, I am a fairly neurotic person. I admit it and wear my neuroses proudly. I have a few  little habits (quirks, if you will) that I can’t seem to get past no matter how hard I try. Some of them drive Hubby absolutely nuts: like the fact that I must always throw salt over my shoulder when it is spilled on the table. I rarely manage to finish a glass of milk (and consequently leave half glasses all around the house) and the fact that I will never split poles without saying the phrase ‘bread and butter’ afterward. One quirk that doesn’t seem to bother him (or at least he’s never really mentioned it) is that for some odd reason I REFUSE to use the heels of a loaf of bread on a sandwich. I’m an odd duck…I know.

Anyway- I made the Pioneer Woman’s meatloaf recipe the other day which calls for six slices of bread. 

I HIGHLY recommend you try it….and then jog for about three hours to chase away the guilt of consuming about a gazillion calories. Anyway, I opened my loaf of Wonder White and shredded it. Two days later I went to make a sandwich and there was the nothing left but the heel. No sandwich for me.

Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning….(I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic. Another quirk.)…I could save the heels of each loaf of bread and store them in the freezer. If I ever need bread for meatloaf, meatballs, croutons etc… they will always be there ready to use and I won’t feel so guilty about wasting bread. This will also work for bread that’s just about to go stale.

This is a completely unnecessary picture but, I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about adding pics to my post. Besides, it does kind of demonstrate why I won't eat the heel. Ugly isn't it?

So there you have it. I didn’t say these little tips were going to fix our broken economy…but they just may save you a few pennies here and there.  Hope you found it helpful…and if not…better luck next week. 🙂


7 thoughts on “FRUGAL FRIDAY!!!!

  1. I will take credit for the salt over the shoulder (we’re Irish you know) and give your dad the credit for half glasses of milk everywhere.

    I like your frugal friday tip and the backscreen of your blog. And you have a great flair for the dramatic, again….we’ re Irish!

  2. Great idea!!! I also freeze the ends of onions, celery ect.(the parts you cut off & throw away) and use thim for making chicken stock or soups. They still add flavor, I just pull them out & discard them after they make my soup yummy!:)

  3. Good idea about saving the heals for bread crumbs (I don’t eat them either). But I’m wondering why you haven’t switched to whole wheat bread. Then you’d actually be getting something good for you with your grocery bucks – more frugal when you think about it

    • Well, it’s funny you should ask. Personally, I just prefer the taste of white bread over wheat. For the health of the family I have recently (this week) switched over to whole grain. We’ll see how Bean reacts to it. 🙂

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