Frugal Friday!

Wow…Friday kind of just zoomed by me! The kids are in bed. My stomach is full of Garlic Cheddar Chicken , I’m on my second glass of chardonnay and I’m all set to watch Clash of the Titans with Hubby. This will be a quick Frugal Friday post.
My tip for the week is: “generic” is not a dirty word! Give store brand foods a chance. You may be surprised at just how good they are! For the most part the taste of generic brand foods are just as good as their name brand counterparts at up to half the cost. It’s worth the cost to try them out.
Sorry for the brief post but….the Kraken awaits!


9 thoughts on “Frugal Friday!

  1. Even though I do not have to be frugal… well, I do to support my crack (Love of shopping) habit. I do not mind certain generic items. Stewed tomatoes, and beans in the can come from the generic isle. I DO NOT buy generic mac and cheese. I had a bad experience with that once, and will never again eat that generic or peanut butter. I buy generic butter especially for baking… store brand yogurt tastes just as good as te expensive stuff (especially the safeway brand) generic shredded cheese, and block cheese. but I won’t buy sliced store brand cheese. Odd I know.
    When I was growing up that was all we ate, store brand, and it was gross back then but now the taste is hardly any different.

    • Oh I totally agree with you that some generic items are just plain awful! Hubby came home with generic paper towels from Giant the other day and he apologizes every time he attempts to tear off a sheet. Terrible!
      Generic shopping is definitely a hit or miss task but once you find one that works it’s a great feeling!

  2. Dad and I worked on a budget this morning. We realized that we are spending way too much at the grocery store. I am going to have a list and try to make a menu for the week. Your recipes will help, especially Frugal Friday’s.

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