Tuna Pillows

You know how the sight and smell of some foods can instantly trigger memories? For me:  Cherry Kool-Aid in plastic tumblers will always remind me of watching The Dukes of Hazzard during sleepovers at my friends Suzy and Kelly’s house. Spaghetti-O’s will forever remind me of late nights girl-talking with my BFF Cristie. Her mom always kept a supply in the pantry just for me.  And tuna pillows will always bring back fond memories of my next-door neighbor and babysitter, Dutch.

Let me first sat that Dutch’s name isn’t really Dutch. It’s Pat. When I was a toddler she would always pre-empt my mischievous behavior by saying “Stop that or you’re going to get yourself in dutch.” Being an active kid, I guess I must have given her a few opportunities to say that phrase. Her name became, and will forever be, Dutch.

Because Dutch had three children of her own, she knew how to make wonderfully satisfying, kid-friendly foods. My favorite of these was Tuna Pillows.

Tuna Pillows

1 cup of your favorite tuna salad (I like my tuna with chopped sweet pickles, a little bit of sugar, mayo and onion.)

1 tube crescent rolls

two slices of american cheese (or whatever cheese you prefer)

Preheat oven to 350 (or whatever your crescent roll package indicates), open crescent rolls and separate triangles. On a baking sheet, press together two triangles to form a rectangle. Place half a slice of cheese and two tablespoons of tuna salad on one side. Fold over dough and roll up edges to seal. Repeat to make three more rectangles. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes (or until golden brown).

This recipe can easily become ‘ham and cheese pillows’, ‘turkey and cheese pillows’ or ‘chicken salad pillows’. The possibilities are endless. Bean likes me to make him ‘cheese pillows’. Picky boy!

Make a batch of” pillows” today and start some childhood memories for your kids! 🙂

Tuna Pillows


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