The dog ate my blog post!

Ok, I admit that I’ve been slacking on the blog posts. Pick an excuse:

1. An army of germs came marching into our house and wiped out the whole clan for a month straight.

2. I got way behind on the housework and had to Lysol bomb every inch of Liz Land.

3. The kids had been cooped up in the house needing abnormal amounts of attention.

4. The dog ate my homework.

5.  I just hadn’t felt inspired to write lately.

6. I’m a lazy bum.

Enough lame excuses. This was a brutal winter and I’m really thankful that spring finally here!

This weekend we invited our good friends Matt & Megan over for dinner & a movie. We all love Pulp Fiction so I decided to base my meal around the movie. If you’ve never seen Pulp Fiction I highly suggest you do. Unless, of course, you are opposed to violence and extreme foul language. If that’s the case then I suggest you run as far away as you can from this classic piece of cinema.

I now present my first MOVIE MONDAY post!

Pulp Fiction Big Kahuna Burgers!

Ok, as far as I’ve researched there is no official “Big Kahuna” recipe. So, I decided to make my version of the Red Robin ‘Bonzai burger’ and call it the ‘Big Kahuna’. It’s my blog…I’m allowed!

 I don’t eat burgers very often but when I get a craving for one, Red Robin is usually at the top of my list. I also learned how to make the Red Robin french fry seasoning. I love finding copycat recipes. It makes me feel like I’m sticking it to “the man” . Not sure who “the man” is in this case…but STICK STICK STICK!

Ok, here’s how to make a Big Kahuna Burger. It’s so easy, you’ll kick yourself for not doing this before.

  • Burger patties (I got pre-made burger patties from Wegman’s because I got lazy. You can make your own patties if you’re feeling ambitious)
  • A bottle of quality Teryaki sauce. Again, I got Wegman’s brand.
  • A can of pineapple rings, drained
  • Slices of colby-jack cheese (or any cheese…colby-jack is just my personal preference)
  • Kaiser rolls, split and buttered lightly on both sides
  • Your desired burger toppings. I chose tomato and mayonnaise

 1. Place burgers in one bowl and cover with half of the Teryaki sauce. Place pineapple rings in another bowl and cover with the other half of the Teryaki sauce. Let these marinate for a half hour.

2. Fire up your grill to medium-high. When grill is hot enough, lightly oil the grill racks. I used a paper towel with vegetable oil & some tongs.  I didn’t even singe my eyebrows! I’m just that good.

3. Grill up both the burgers and pineapple rings for 3-4 minutes on each side. This all depends on the thickness and desired doneness of your burgers. Just eyeball it. Don’t you love my technical explanation of things? Seriously, I’m not quite the grill master yet. There’s a huge learning curve here.

4. In the last 3 minutes of grilling, place buns (cut side down) on the grill and toast ’em up. Also, place cheese on the burgers. Close the grill top and let grill work its magic. 

5. Serve them up to your Hunny Bunny and a few deserving friends with your favorite toppings and a side of Orida steak fries with Red Robin season salt. Make some $5.00 shakes for dessert. That was my original plan but we were stuffed from the burgers. that's a tasty burger!

Red Robin Seasoning

  •  3 tablespoons salt
  • 1 tablespoon instant tomato soup mix (I used Lipton)
  • 2 teaspoons chili powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • Mix ’em all up and sprinkle over your fries before they go in the oven. Thank me later! 😉


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